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If you purchased a property that you never received, or if you received it but still do not have the license of first occupation, if the home was never finished or does not have the necessary building or occupation permits, DO NOT HESITATE, contact us about your Spanish property litigation and we will NOT charge you anything until we win your case. We are so convinced that we will recover your money, and the interest on it, that we offer our services AT NO COST TO YOU if we do not achieve satisfactory results.

No Win no Fee Properties Solicitors mainly came about with the idea to provide effective solutions for clients affected by the purchase of homes that they never received or who, having received them, still do not have the necessary license of occupation.

The high costs entailed by beginning lawsuits and the lack of guarantees in recovering their savings has led many purchasers to a situation of apparent resignation, feeling obliged to abandon all hopes of recovering any money, or to get out of the trap of having to sign the deed to a home even if it had not received the License of First Occupation.

This is how our project, No Win No Fee, came into being. Our team is comprised of a group of lawyers with offices all along the Costa del Sol, and collaborators in various cities throughout Spain and in several European cities. We have been practising Law for over fifteen years, focusing on Civil and International Law. Our rate of success in defending the interests of the parties affected by these purchases of homes has led us to create this project, which has already achieved the reimbursement of funds for all of our clients to date.

Therefore our main goal is to recover all of the savings for our clients, as well as interest generated from the moment that they paid all of their savings to the developer.

We wish to reach everyone who has been affected, in order to provide them with an opportunity, at no cost if our legal actions to recover their funds do not succeed. Until now No Win No Fee has had 100% success in over two hundred cases, therefore please do not hesitate to contact us and tell us about your case.

Our clients

Many of our clients do not have enough resources to begin legal proceedings, or do not want to have to disburse even more money on legal actions that initially create more uncertainty as to the end result.

Therefore our proposal to begin your Spanish property litigation proceeding without any initial costs, and at no charge if we do not achieve the result you wish, are a perfect fit for those people affected by real estate investments.