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Services and associated companies


The professional practice of Carrasco Barea Abogados is focused on finding and guaranteeing the solution that offers our client the highest level of legal security.

Our experience and specialisation includes advice in matters concerning:


- Damages: Accidents, Traffic, Medical Negligence and Errors, etc.
- Ordinary, Monitory, Executive and Special Civil Proceedings.
- Action for Payment of Bad Debts.
- Horizontal Property (Community of Owners).
- Successions: Inheritances, Testaments.
- Civil, Contractual and Extra-contractual Liability Actions.
- Drawing up and Revision of Civil Contracts.
- Formation of Partnerships.
- Contractual and extra-contractual civil liability.
- Mediation and other methods for resolving civil conflicts out of court.
- Urban and rural purchase and sale and lease.

Our firm intends to provide effective solutions to the serious problems existing on today's real-estate market by putting at the service of the client a number of highly experienced and prestigious professionals providing a personalised service focused on the purchase, sale, lease (and/or maintenance) of your dwelling, as well as the necessary finance. They are a team of real-estate agents and financial advisors operating along the entire Costa del Sol, the coast of Almería and the Costa Levantina. They will dedicate all their professional knowledge to finding a solution to the problem you put before them.

Furthermore, we offer all non-national owners an integral service aimed at allowing the client to enjoy his real property without having to worry about any incident that may arise during his stay in Spain. To this end, in addition to the options mentioned above, we offer you the possibility to entrust us with the management of the maintenance of your dwelling (brickwork, painting, plumbing, carpentry, etc.) and its utilities (water, electricity, gas, telephone, insurance, etc.), as well as all taxes levied on a yearly basis, through a team of professionals supervised by our law firm, where trust, reliability and efficiency are top priorities.

Companies collaborating with Carrasco Barea Abogados:


- Non Resident Tax
- Inheritance and Gift Tax
- Personal Income Tax
- Company Tax
- International Tax Regulations, non-residents’ tax
- Transfer Tax and Stamp Duty
- Inheritance and Gift Tax, Capital Gains Tax
- Specific taxes levied by Autonomous Regions.


- Assistance in Police Stations and Courts
- Nationalities
- Appeals
- Family reunification
- Letters of invitation
- Processing of Work and Residence Permits: Application, Processing, Renewal, Modification
- Student Cards
- Spanish Nationality Proceedings
- Modification of Permits
- Exceptional Permits (Community Ties)
- Visa Exemptions
- Asylum and Refugee Procedures
- Extension of Stay
- Authorisations to Return
- Registry Office Marriage Proceedings
- Application and processing of family reunification proceedings
- Registrations and other inscriptions (common-law couples)
- Application for Health Care


- Separation and Divorce: Contentious and Mutual Consent
- Modification of Complementary Separation Measures
- Child Support and Alimony
- Care and Custody of Minors
- Church Marriage Nullity
- Adoption, Guardianship and Incapacity Proceedings
- Filiation Claims or Challenges
- Civil actions before family courts


- Attachment of Ships
- Collisions
- Fire and Explosions
- Pollution
- Personal damages
- Salvage. Gross damage
- Towing. Stranding.
- Removal of remains. Finds. Charter and Bill of Lading Policies
- Freight Claims
- Maritime insurance. Breach of Contract
- Cargo Claims
- Air and land transport
- Limitation of liability
- Claims relating to shipping and forwarding agents
- Pleasure boats:
- Collisions
- Personal damages
- Property damages
- Advice to insurance companies.


- Legal status of sports companies and clubs
- Signing up, assignment and transfer of sportsmen, sportswomen
- Exploitation of rights of image, rights of retransmission and sponsorship
- Tax regime of sports people
- Sports proceedings before national and international bodies
- Procedimientos deportivos ante organismos nacionales e internacionales.

We rely on the collaboration of various professionals (experts, economists, architects, doctors, psychologists, adjustors, etc.), allowing us to offer you an integral legal service. At the same time, we provide different contracting formulas to facilitate the client’s access to our services.